Friday, June 17, 2011

Engagement: Heather & Mike

We met at Panera Bread to discuss their wedding. Heather and Mike are into books, and animals, and zombies, pretty much the same things that I am into.  Knowing that they liked zombies, I could tell right then that we were a match made in heaven, and I would love shooting with them.  Most of our consultation was spent actually discussing zombies, and even discussing a zombie cake for their wedding.

Heather and Mike are getting married in July, just under a month away.  They wanted a fun but different engagement session. At first, we were trying to set up an engagement session that had zombies (yes, we like zombies), but that ended up not happening. So the next best thing...water fight!  But first, we had to do their "love" pictures first.

Doesn't she have the classic 1940's look?  I am so in love with her style. And for him, he looks like he can be the spawn of Jamie and Adam from the Mythbusters...which is great in my book!

And after an exhausting and exhilerating water fight, we have the two love birds resting.  Who won?  It's a secret!

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