Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{Who's ready for spring?}

I know I am. Although I enjoy the winter, I could do with one week of it and be fine.  Yes, the snow is pretty and makes for some amazing pictures. But, I really do miss my nice and sunny warm days, picnics at the park, and the non freezing temperatures!  I especially miss doing sessions outside!  So much more creativity at hand!

And spring brings a lot of fun events for me. Besides weddings, engagements, maternity sessions and such I have some fun events to attend.  In March, I have the Alternative Bridal Expo, which is the first of it's kind, and is going to be pretty cool!  It's three amazing shows for one weekend.  So if you are the non traditional bride, and into non conventional things then check it out.   In May, I have the Steampunk Worlds Fair 2011 to attend.  If you are into Victorian, Steampunk, Dr. Who, Sci-Fi, etc.  I highly suggest you go, it is really fun!  I have been looking forward to this ALL YEAR!  Last year was great, and I got to meet Voltaire, who is amazing!

Then of course when the summer comes, I have the renaissance fair!!!  Yay!

But until then, I have to keep myself busy because it is too cold outside to go out and do anything fun.  So this winter, try to stay sane!
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