Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Just Because Session: S & S}

Today was a good day overall.  It stopped raining, the sun was out, it felt like fall.  Today, I also went to Longwood Gardens to do a just because session for two amazing and sweet men.  I will say, I am very proud of these pictures, I loved them.  I would love to show you all of them, but I can't, but I was given permission to post photos where the faces are not easily identifiable.  The reason why I can't post the other pictures, is because one of the men in this lovely couple has not come out to his workplace.  And he would much rather not deal with the backlash, snide remarks, and the immaturity that is bound to happen if his coworkers were to find out.  I completely understand, and I am still very grateful that he has selected a few photos to share with you.  It deeply saddens me to know that two people in love cannot express their love openly.  I hope you enjoy this pictures, as I enjoyed taking them.  Thank you, the two of you for loving each other, and holding on strong to that love.

And since we were at Longwood Gardens, which is an amazing place to visit, and since S is an avid gardener-this man can look at a flower and tell you what it is in seconds-I thought I would include some pictures that were taken along the garden walk today with them.

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