Monday, October 11, 2010

{50th Wedding Anniversary: John and Peggy}

This Saturday was great.  The weather was gorgeous, and more than that, I was there to capture John and Peggy Renz' 50th wedding anniversary.  These two were married in 1960 and are still going on 50 years strong.  They are such a lovely couple with great kids, and adorably cute grandchildren.  Now, if you know me, you know that I love all things vintage.  So let's start off with the first thing that made me squeal in delight. Peggy, the bride, actually wore her wedding dress from 1960!  She looked FABULOUS! Secondly, the  1958 Rolls Royce that chauffeured them to the event, and last but not least, the Elvis impersonator.

And here are their adorable grandchildren

I LOVE classic cars!

And now onto the fun part!

Even babies adore Elvis

And guess who cried during these next picture?  *Raises hand*...Me

Special thanks to the following:

Event Planner: Nikki- Moment to Moment Events
Venue: Moorestown Community House
Caterer: Megan-CBD Events
Band: The Crosstones
Elvis Impersonator: Lamar Peters-Rock and Roll Review

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