Monday, July 26, 2010

Bride & Groom pictures: Before or After the Ceremony?

We all know the tradition, superstition, bad luck tale of the groom seeing the bride before the actual wedding, but how does it effect the pictures.  Typically, the couple takes their "formal" pictures right after the ceremony and before the reception.  Most couples have a 30-45 minute, sometime a 60 minute break before the reception to do the photographs.  And let's not forget family,  this is also the time that the family members, bridal party, and groomsmen take their formal shots also with the bride and the groom.  And while the shots get done, the bride and groom don't really have time to be by themselves before the hustle and bustle of the reception starts.

That is why a lot of couples are opting to have their own private "formal" pictures done before the ceremony.  This gives the couple a chance to steal away some private, intimate, and precious moments before the craziness and fun of the actual ceremony and reception.  The couple can see each other, talk, get over their nervous jitters, and have their pictures taken while relaxed and not surrounded by others.

And the best part is,  if you can get over that "bad luck" issue with the bride seeing the groom before the wedding, you still get to experience that first feeling, when he first sees you in your dress.  Either in front of others or by yourself, that feeling will always be there.

There are other brides who still want to wait till after the ceremony to do the formal pictures, but now many are scheduling bridal portraits, known as Trash the Dress sessions.  I offer Rock the Dress sessions, because I love my wedding dress too much to even consider trashing it, and I know that most brides want to have some awesome pictures of them in their gown while having fun.  Let's face it, the wedding day is busy, bustling, and sometimes stressful, but hopefully always fun.  While there are pictures of the you and your husband, family, friends, bridal party, and groomsmen, you still want to do some creative and fun shots in your gorgeous wedding gown.  Besides, when do you get another chance to wear you wedding gown?

I will be featuring some Rock the Dress sessions later this week. Tomorrow I have a session, where the bride is wearing a vintage 1920's lace wedding dress. I cannot wait to see it!  Later on this week I have a session where the bride is wearing her vintage Victorian inspired gowns.  I love my job, I get exposed to such awesome people and beautiful dresses.  The seamstress side in me loves wedding dresses!

So brides, give it some thought.  You can do pictures before or after the ceremony, in the end, the day is all about you and your new husband.
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