Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Anniversary...

Today is my wedding anniversary! Well technically we have two wedding anniversaries. We are a bit unconventional, and typically stray off the beaten bath. So when we first got "married", it was in the form of a handfasting.  That was back in 2009.  Then we legally got married, and by legally I mean obtaining a marriage license on February 15, 2013. Funny story about that actually.

On Valentines Day last year, Wes went into work, and while there he was having severe chest pain.  His job called the ambulance, and they rushed him to the hospital. While there, he called me, and the first things out of his mouth were "Don't freak out, I am in the hospital".  Needless to say, I did freak out.  Of course I would freak out!  So we spent Valentines Day in the hospital together, and the next day, we decided to go to the court house to get married. And that is our official wedding story.

It's been close to 10 years that we have been together. We have had our ups and downs, our struggles and amazing moments.  There were people that thought we wouldn't make it, there were people hoping that we wouldn't make it.  From our love, we created an amazing child, and everyday her giggling and shrieks of excitement make everything better.

He makes me a better person, I make him a better person. We push each other, because we know that we can achieve more. We are each others biggest supporters.  He is the reason why Marisa Taylor Photography started. He believed in me so much, even when I thought it was crazy to jump into a business full time, it was he who talked me through.

I still get butterflies when he walks in the room. He still grabs me and swings me around like when we first started dating. We made a vow to each other to always have fun, to always love, to always be happy. And even though we have moments where the happiness seems not to be there, we find our way back to it.

So happy anniversary to my love, my rock, my best friend, my husband. Wesley, I love you more than you will ever know.  10 years together, here's to many, many more awesome years.

Taken by Natasha Esguerra Photography

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