Thursday, January 23, 2014

Corset Story {Delaware Fashion & Portrait Photographer} Catch up blog-Day 2 of 7

As you know, I have branched off into fashion photography. I have been loving it thus far. It gives me a whole different subject to photograph, and pushes me to be even more creative than I am. One of my big projects this year was the Corset Story series.  Which is a series of photos of different women of all shapes and sizes wearing gorgeous corsets with varying wardrobes.  Since I love hisotrical costuming, doing a shoot revolving around corsets seemed to be the only logical thing to do!

I have part 1 of Corset Story posted on my page, please take a look!

I have a second part of the shoot set up for March 8th, which I know will be as equally amazing. I so look forward to seeing my visions come to fruition!

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