Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another dip in the path... {Delaware Lifestyle Photographer}

I wish the path to living a happy life, to being successful in general was a straight line.  You have a starting point, and you can look ahead and see your finish point.  It's one straight journey, no deeps or valleys, ups or downs, surprises hiding around every bend.  In fact, the path to life and success looks a lot like this:

Demetri Martin:

I already know that I am extremely lucky to have a career that gives me as much freedom as it does. A career in which my artistic ability can shine, and it is what people pay for me. I am constantly growing as an artist, learning new techniques, experience new things. All this experiences contribute to my artistic vision and style.  When I started photography, it was just another creative outlet for me. While I was sick, and in bed for quite a few months, it was a form of therapy for me. My husband then pushed me to make it a business, and here we are! I started with weddings, dabbled in portraits, dabbled in boudoir, made the switch to exclusively families and babies, and now the next leg of my journey is fashion and editorial work.  Again, if this was not my career, I could not try out so many new  and exciting things. 

So with that said, I have a new branch of my business in the works, aimed toward showing my fashion portfolio.  I introduce to you:

I am currently in the midst of planning lots of creative shoots while I have some downtime from family and baby sessions over the winter.  A Great Gatsby themed shoot is coming up this Monday in fact, and I have found lots of vintage lovelies for my models to wear.  A Marie Antoinette session is planned sometime in December.  And with my love of vintage everything, a very inspired victorian session will be set up to.

Lots of new things coming up. I will have a separate website: as well as a separate Facebook page that will be put up soon.

In the mean time, I want to thank everyone who has supported me from the start.  Everyone that has cheered me on, picked me up when I doubted myself, and to the amazing people who consistent make my push myself to become a better artist.

Thank you.

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