Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dear Moms,

Dear Moms, 

I am going to take a minute here and tell you that you are amazing. Whether you have grown a baby for nine months inside of your belly, or adopted a baby, you are awesome. You are giving another human a piece of yourself that no other person will have, you will always and forever be their mom.

And because you are so amazing, it always breaks my heart when I hear you talk negative about your body. Your body is a body, and yes babies do change that, but think of how awesome that change is. Babies don't look at your body as being ruined, they look at you as that person that is always there when they cry, and your belly as a soft place to cuddle on.

So when I come to your home or you come to me for your babies session, I know you tend to get nervous when I say "Now it's your turn". But understand, you are amazing and gorgeous. You are a mother. That is an absolutely beautiful thing. My job is to not only photograph your baby, but to photograph the people that created this wonderful, tiny, human being. And that is you.

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