Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do you still do weddings? {Delaware Lifestyle and Wedding Photograper}

I receive this question in my email on a weekly basis. And the answer is yes, I still do weddings. Weddings were my first love with photography. It was how I got my foot in the door on becoming a professional photographer. I still love them! I love the emotion, the details, the fact that two people are surrounded by their family and friends and are about to devout their life to each other. It's still amazing.

So, what's going on?!

You will notice that my website features lots,of cute babies, laughing kids, and happy families. My main focus is on lifestyle photography. After having my daughter Charlotte, I had to sit down and run through some important points, and one of the most important points was being there for Charlotte as she grows up, so the management became very important.

I also want to be there 100% for you. So I had to create workload that allowed me to be the best photographer I can be, while being a mom and wife. Which is why I now only do a select few amount of weddings each years. In fact, I have a couple on the books for 2013, and meetings scheduled for some 2014 weddings. I now offer collections for intimate, smaller weddings and large, full day weddings. So if you are interested in booking, lets talk! I would love to get to know more about you, and your wedding day.

My new wedding website is! There of can find all things weddings, and if you want to discuss your fabulous day, shoot me an email!

Lets create magic on your wedding day!

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