Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's all about family, love, and kids being kids {Delaware lifestyle family photographer-Marisa Taylor Photography}

When you look at the walls in your home, what do you see?  Are they bare? Do they have a couple of snapshots of you and your family? Are they decorated?  The walls in your home, I believe, should tell the story of the love that your family shares.  From the wedding day to the first baby and beyond.  They should hold more than just quick snap shots, they should hold art. Huge displays of your life and love captured.

Your life is a story. A story worth telling.  Every moment, no matter how small is important.  When you bring children into the world, the characters in your story grow, and the plot thickens.  More chapters are added.  Your story should be captured and displayed for everyone to see.

I love doing what I do for many reasons. Connecting with people, making them laugh.  I love getting personal and finding out we have many of the same likes and dislikes.  I love watching families and children grow.  I love the fact that I am a big kid, and that allows me to connect with children in a way that other photographers can't.  Phineas and Ferb, got it! Disney musicals, all about it. Disney Princesses, heck yes!  I love it when my clients become friends, and we can laugh about the time when our kid pee'd on us, or how exhausted we are after going to the grocery store with a toddler in tow.

It's all about family, love, and kids being kids.  And I will be there to capture it.

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