Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 10-One Confession {Delaware Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

Whoa! June is here already!  It seems like the year is flying by! We are already half way through. And today, I actually can't believe is the last day of the blog challenge. 10 posts, 10 days (well technically 11 since Memorial Day had it's own post), I did it and it is done :)  So here is my last post for the 10 day blog challenge:  One Confession.  Here it goes.

I know that it seems that I am super confident in my work and always happy, but the truth is I am terrified. Running a business is a risky venture, and while I will always love the art of photography and continue shooting, I still get nervous right before I shoot a wedding or portrait session.  I was told once that when you get complacent with where you are in business, you are not working hard enough.  So I suppose it's a good thing that I am nervous and a bit terrified, it means that I still have that push to want to learn more, create more, and grow more!

Whew! There is folks!

Now that we are in June, there is a new challenge that I am going to be doing. It's the 30 day photo challenge over at The Maternal Lens.  There is a list of subjects to photograph for each day, and you photograph it. I was torn at whether to photograph it through instagram or my camera and post it on the blog. But a friend suggested that I try both!  Gives you two different view points, and it is double the challenge! 

So if you want to see my images for the 30 day challenge via Instagram, then follow me! @LoveShutterBug  And to check out all the awesome images that will be posted, search #TMLPhotoADay

Oh! And since June will be a very busy month for me, expect a lot of blog posts! Besides blogging the images from the Photo A Day challenge, I still have sessions to blog! And we are closing on our house on the 16th, moving in on the 22nd, housewarming on the 23rd, and my birthday is the 24th! So yes, June is a going to be a very awesome, and hectic, and busy month for me!  I am only booking sessions up until the 15th of June. That way I can focus on finishing packing and then the move. Then I am taking a break, and booking sessions after the July 4th Holiday!  So if you have been interested in booking, do not wait!!!

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