Thursday, May 12, 2011

{Engagement Session: Heather & Oscar}

This engagement session I love!  First let me give you a bit of background on how the events of the day unfolded.  Heather contacted me to do her engagement session since she and Oscar are heading to Tennessee to for their destination wedding.  It turns out Heather was referred to me by her friend Lisa, whom is a friend of my husband, and he has known her since they were kids.  Then to top it off, Heather is also the friend of the aunt of my friend Sarah, whose wedding I did last summer.  So yes, Delaware is small, but word of mouth is awesome!

Anywho, Heather picked Valley Garden Park for her engagement session, because that is where her mother was married. It is an absolutely gorgeous location.  It is full of lush green grass, and a creek running through the middle of it.  Getting down to the valley was the easy part, the coming back up part was difficult! Yes, we shared some laughs (actually they were "breaks") along the way up.  The "best" thing about the location? It rained the day before. So although the day we shot, Saturday May 7 was gorgeous, the grass was soggy and there were bugs everywhere.  Heathers feet were covered in mud after we walked through a patch of land where the drainage pipe was, I dropped my lens into the mud (thankfully it was on it's side and is all clean now), and did I mention the bugs.  But through it all, we trooped through! Which is why I love my clients, and I love that they trust me to gain control of the situation and get shots that they will love.

Oh, I haven't even mentioned the other people that were there that decided to personally take it upon themselves to make use of our picnic set up while we were 30 feet away.  Yes, it was a very interesting day.  So enough of me blabbing, here are their pictures!

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