Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Coming Soon!}

So as you can see, a lot of changes have been under way. My site, www.MarisaTaylorPhotography.com has went through yet another makeover. And hopefully this time, my creative brain won't create another one for quite some time.  I love where it is at, but of course the more I see and the more I learn when it comes to design, of course makes me want to test it out.  It's something I can't help! I guess that is one of the reasons I love photography. There is always something new to learn, test out, experiment with and such.  Also, I have a new blog. This is the temporary home, until the final design and such is sorted out. I was going to go without a blog, but I realized that quite a bit of my clients come from my blog! And being that I post different articles, it draws people in.  Besides photography, I also love fashion and such. So anything related to weddings, I love to share with you.

Now, 5 days away...Daylight Savings time! One of my favorite times of year, it means the day will last longer. I am one of those people that LOVE sunlight and love long days! I seem to get a lot more accomplished when the sun goes down later.  This winter was horrible for me!  I miss the warm weather, picnics in the park, outside shoots, ren fairs and all that fun stuff.

I am going to be running a contest very soon, so keep your eyes open! There will be two prizes (possibly more) up at hand. One will be a $25 Visa Gift card, the other will be a free mini-portrait session! More details about the contest to come later.

In May, I am also running a special promotion.  It is going to be a mini-session marathon. $55 gets you a 30 minute mini-portrait session with a select number of images.  I am started out with 5 spots, but more than likely will increase.  Check out the flyer below.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to slightly warmer weather this weekend. I do have engagement shoots and a maternity session scheduled, two of which have already been rescheduled from last week due to the weather. So let's hope the weather holds out for this weekend!!!

But that is it for now!  In the meantime, what about spring do you look forward to the most?
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