Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{Wedding: Rita and Michael}

This past Saturday I photographed the most epic wedding ever.  Well, it was actually a vow renewal, but epic none the less.  Why was it epic?  It was a pirate wedding!  9-25-2010 was the first fay of Pirate Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Fair, which I attend quite often.  So I was stoked when Rita asked me to cover her vow renewal at the renaissance fair itself.  Everyone, including the officiant were dressed as pirates.  This was Ritas' first time being dressed in ren garb, as a person who is obsessed with garb, I told her she will never feel the same at the ren fair unless she is in garb. It is just that fun to dress up.  It was great! And let me tell you, pirates know how to party.

The officiant was quite amazing, in the sense that his speech did not go in the traditional sense.  He welcomed the scallywags, pirates, and all those other pirate related words.  There was a reference to pirate booty, and at one point he said something that was hilarious and caught me off guard, in which I ended up laughing (as did everyone else.  And i'm usually very composed during a wedding.  But it was amazing seeing their vow renewal after many years together, and that they still have fun with each other.  A wedding at the renaissance fair is like no other!

Here are a few preview photos.  The shenanigans that took place at the Dragon Inn are reserved for the (again) bride and groom.

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