Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Wedding Promotions!

Hello folks, I have some awesome wedding promotions for you!  Since I have recently been Wedding Wire Rated, I decided to offer two new promotions for couples who contact me through that site. So here they are!

When you book 4 hours, the bride gets a free boudoir session! Definitely something fun and unique.  A great gift for your husband!

When you book 8 hours, the bride gets a free trash the dress session! Now don't be alarmed!  We are not actually trashing your dress, unless of course you want to.  But this gives the bride a chance to throw on her

And I definitely do not want to leave the grooms out, especially after coming across the awesome website , so I want to give you guys something special also.

If you book 8 hours, the groom gets a free "GQ" session. It's similar to a trash the dress session, but this time aimed toward the groom.  You can opt to wear your tux or wear something casual, but the session is all about you!

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