Friday, March 5, 2010

Braving the cold!

Yesterday was a very fun and interesting day.  I did a bridal portrait shoot in historic Old New Castle/Battery Park.  Luckily the Gods smiled down upon me and granted us with sun, to keep us at least somewhat warm.  But it was a feeble effort considering it was 43 degrees and windy! The wind chill factor made it feel like 34 degrees! But the bride was a trooper and we had a lot of fun!  There are a lot of reasons to do a separate bridal shoot.  For one you can be excited and anxious about your dress and what to put it on and be photographed right away! It can also be because your wedding is not for some time away, or you want to present your love with a surprise gift at the wedding, but do not want them to see you actually being photographed.  Sometimes, depending on your wedding day, venue, time, location, etc  you may not have enough time in between to break away from the formal/family/wedding party shots to get them done on your own.  So there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hair done, dolling yourself up and putting on your wedding dress before the big day!

Here are some of the photos from the bride, Melanies' shoot:

And she had a dog that was just too cute to not photograph!  Spike wanted to get in the pictures too :)

And that's about it! It's another sunny day and later on I am headed out for a childrens portrait session.  Two girls and one boy. The girls are two and three and the boy is almost four months old! And they are so adorable! I have a weak spot for babies.

Till next time!
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